The staff of St Therese Catholic Primary School Mascot is competent, experienced, and professional. They consist of teaching and administrative staff, learning support, canteen managers, and maintenance and cleaning personnel. Each year level from Kindergarten to Year 6 has a co-ordinator that is appointed. Collectively, this group forms the school executive. Every member of staff is valued for their role in our school. Just like the students, the staff at our school are called to, ‘Engage, Connect and Grow’.

Name Position
Mrs Karen Lamarre Principal
Ms Margarita Caamano Assistant Principal
Mrs Pauline Quealy Religious Education Coordinator
Ms Tanya Tunbridge Instructional Specialist Mathematics and Gifted Coordinator
Mr Brendan Davis Wellbeing Coordinator
Mrs Rina Vecchiet English Coordinator
Mrs Paula Disley Parent Parish Partnership Coordinator